Leadership Accountability: Share

Accountability has zero value unless it is acted upon. And even taking action gives it only half its value. So what makes it whole? Is it even necessary?

As a leader or mentor, executing the rest of it is the difference that fills it out for what you see in the greatest leaders and mentors.

PC #9: Why we give advice– The kickoff!

Since we get such a limited time to spend with you, Karl and I decided this year to focus in a very detailed fashion on an area that just keeps jumping out at us from everything we hear from mentors, leaders, and growing professionals alike. In everything leadership and mentorship, there is an underlying question as to just what drives the desire to “give” freely, or even at the cost of oneself. The motives drive the outcomes. That is clear.

Why We Give Advice, PC #9 w Karl Riecken

This week we look at the big picture and the note that Karl so insightly crafted. Each episode we’ll dig into one specific area for leaders and mentors to grow those that will ultimately drive the machine and grow others.

Leadership Accountability: Who?!

Applauded by some, cringed by others, the Who of Leadership Accountability has a bit of a split. There indeed are accountability partners, which offers that face-to-face challenge. Where the grandest accountability falls and how strong the right to call is the game changer of deep leadership.

Leadership Accountability

Accountability can be easy in some aspects, but in others quite a foggy area to navigate. Leaders who brightly own accountability are trusted and have teams that step up to the plate for everyone. When we give some semblance of a framework for accountability, those leaders can navigate in those moments of fog. Not always easy to step to, but it is simple:


Willing to Listen to Drawbacks

Letting Go

My son won the school science fair


Little bit of an excuse for bragging on my kids maybe, but truly, this reignited a lesson on what it takes to help others build. It is a potent reminder to me of what builders of people must instill to get people where they want to go. And it’s not the goal that’s the target.

Thanks for the reminder, son!

What Leadership LOOKS Like– A snippet


It is usually the group or those on the outside who can recognize leadership. Just what it is they are or are not seeing may be hard to verbalize because it’s hard to “see” leadership acutely. Even more valuable to those wanting to grow as leaders, how do they know if they are actually demonstrating effective leadership?

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Monocast: Losers Rock!


Professionals who focus on Effort, Quality, & Action are more bound to find fulfillment in success. Without those principles of performance, focus solely on winning and achieving becomes a chase game, over and over with little real result. Effort, Quality, & Action, on the other hand, turn EVERY result into a benefit and strength. And that’s the team and environment you are building. 

Building with(x3) Intention


If you like the play on words, great! If not– hey, I could have added another one in there. 😛

At Build Others our mission is specifically helping YOU as a builder of others. And if we can help it, in such a way that naturally they are becoming builders of others. (Well now, that’s a mouthful… communication consultations welcome!)

That happens through multiple layers (like phylo dough!) of intention. And like phylo dough, you want it to melt naturally together into one great bite.

With Intention

Using Intention

Applying Intention

PC #7 Mentoring the Soft Skill Demand


More than one prominent study has shown that there is an increasing demand for soft skills in the workforce and our leadership. Builders of leaders need to be aware of mentoring to that need. Not so much coaching the skills themselves, but mentoring in a way to meet that increased demand successfully. That means not just improving the upcoming person, but their awareness to build others with intention. That creates a success landscape. 

Grandma’s Uber


Your leadership impact is more than a moment. What you do and how you stand means little. What leaders deliver, initiate, and respond to and FOR others is what makes them a leader. What makes their impact is how they do it… because that impact is the one step of thousands that sets not only one’s future, but someone else’s in motion. All because of your action in a moment.