5.18.2016: Over-Commitment: #3 What to Do About it (It’s not about what to say “Yes” to)


Over-Achievers: Embrace it. You have a gift. But the goal is not to allow it to become over-commitment.


While there are several other angles I have to share in understanding this process, action is where everyone wants to be. So the next few weeks we will address ideas of what to do about it.

This action-stuff does not need to be in a 1-2-3 order for you. Having a “system” in place is the biggest key, and the point of a system is to move on to the next step. So don’t get so caught up in perfecting one of these that you become a slave to it. 80%, heck, even 30% is more than you were doing before!  The best part is, it’s like elementary school lunch—you can go back and get another!

This week we address saying “No.” (A few weeks from now we’ll go over saying “Yes.”) It’s not about saying yes, but it’s also not about generically “learning to say ‘No’” as people often want to share. And we teach you just how to identify the right things to say “No” to, making it clear to know what to go after.