7.13.2016: Meet Simon

When we get the environment right, humans will do remarkable things.  –Simon Sinek

Along with summer vacation, and in anticipation of The Balanced Achiever Podcast coming later this year, I want to share somebody else’s voice with you this week. Just like it will be in the podcast. Their story, not just my mentoring.

Marie Forleo is a well-known name in the business development community. Simon Sinek, if you do not already know the name, is an even more impactful and well-respected name.

Now, I have to say that at the beginning of this interview I’d read and watched and listened to Simon many times over the years. I know vividly the very first “minor league” blurb I watched of his and who sent it to me. And my first impression of this interview wasn’t all that genuine and a bit squeamish to the naïve. But I’m sharing it now—so obviously something brought the picture together enough to do so. And I hope you see it too.

What I’m sharing is only from 0:00-14:55; if you don’t know Simon, at least meet him through 3:30.

I hope you enjoy a little time in this interview.


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