7.27.2016: When you don’t have enough time



I’ve been putting a lot of time into getting the podcast developed, so I hope the different pace of the weekly content has been good for you. Some people seem to enjoy it, but I know you’re looking forward to getting back to some of the more consistent messages and lessons.

There’s a rule in quality blog posting to either post something that has value, or don’t post it at all. Sometimes people post quickies just to fill in the holes. There’s only so much time that I expect you to stack towards pursuits you value, and will give you the same respect with what I deliver. I’m going to keep putting time where it’s valuable, even if it means I slow down elsewhere to ensure you receive that.

When you have a struggle for time, there are a couple of strategies to help you get it right the way you want it. Check out this week’s audiocast on Time-Chemistry (Restructuring the idea “I don’t have time,”) to learn my favorite, ridiculously simple way of taking time back.