7.6.2016: Work-Life Chemistry your way! [No audio]

Back to the drawing board is often a fun place to be. It can be one of the most frustrating things too, but if you embrace it as a learning opportunity and knowing that you are growing from it, it can be as exciting as the ambitious hunt for knowledge when you start a path.

I can’t give you concrete tools to “force” you into that. It is simply a mindset. There are times where that “feeling” just doesn’t shift despite what you think. And when dismay the feeling of setback come over you,  reminding yourself it is an intentional decision falls only to your own accountability.

I cannot GIVE you motivation. Not something in my pockets. What I can provide you with is inspiration, enthusiasm, and guidance. For you to seize that motive and act.

I’d like to ask you three quick questions about examples you wish you could get more help with and how. You can inspire others with 3 quick answers here!


Chat soon!

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