8.17.2016: Time Value


I still remember the first time I heard the internal adult debate over time and money. I was 16, listening to Genuine Achiever Mike Apele comically relate his youthful spartan beachboy lifestyle, his wife’s acceptance of their humble goings, and his ambition to buy a $500 boat. In his lifestyle in a Waikiki hotel, “I had time, but I didn’t have no money. And I found out that if I wanted money, I didn’t have no time!”

I think by now you know Work-Life Chemistry doesn’t promise you a 3-hour work week making millions. It gives you the tools and support to manage the ambitions you have and maximize the freedom of the time you deserve. Regardless of your standing!

This week’s cast, “Time Value,” tackles the big picture where time and money are inverse to one another. Applying 3 elements—Reallocation, Captivity, and Necessity—you will have an agile fluidity to your satisfaction.


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