A Perspective on Re-engaging For Mentors and Learners

Just like good athletes and well-satisfied achievers, time away is essential. Not just time off to go do something else or take care of to-do lists, but actual time OFF. To turn off. Mentors, and mentees both need the same as well. Grind stone motivation is nice and all, but it doesn’t give room to think.

With a little turn to the WLC roots, taking a break this week, I send you this respected piece that may be vague to some of you, or right on the money for others. Take it a step further, and realize that for anyone in any role to open their mind, that mind needs to feel space to expand. A pause is something we often fear; we don’t want to break the rhythm or miss out. As much as good intense training, momentum, and constant engagement are key to staying on top, getting into open space creates inspiration we didn’t know we needed or were even capable of imagining. That’s true for those building, and those being built.