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Helping YOU build builders of people

Work-Life Chemistry & The 4th Degree Grooming & Mentoring

Really, I started this audio blog in professional development and mentor building as somewhat of a professional pastime. It began with the Work-Life Chemistry identity (which you can find in the early 2015-2016 blog posts) that still under girds every action.  I deeply believe in what I do, and even though there is no “profit” in doing this leg of the work, it’s something I can’t stay away from.

What is shared here is made from others; we are all simply compilations of all the great people who have built us, and I want to share those blocks given to me with you. This comes from a background constantly involved in formal and informal leadership roles, leadership building, career transitioning, and the vast network of people I’ve worked with in the several industries I’ve dove and dabbled in over the years. My favorite part is helping individuals launch their careers and helping those who have an underlying burn find and make a spectacular transition.

Working one-on-one with individuals is personal (thus why I take on few individual clients). And while it is vital, I learned that it has limited reach. I began to learn that, as I guided individuals, if I implanted in them the same principles to guide others, in time that reach was extended. Only then did I realize that focusing on instilling principles of building, and more so building builders, that the effects can be endless. And therein the 4th Degree practice and Build Others was born.

About John

Lieutenant John R. Bennett helps professionals remaster their career and launch their next future. His service in higher education, athletic performance, the fire service, and emergency medicine exposed to him the massive need to support professionals in development and transition. He now takes those techniques to give you the tools you need to enhance your personnel (first!), to empower the success of your organization’s future and their own.

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