7.22.2016: Balanced Achiever Podcast: What would you ask?

As I continue to chip away in the part time of preparing the podcast foundations, I’d like to know where your curiosities lay.

There are several series of questions and approaches I have been developing to serve differing podcast guests. And while experienced and informed, these are my perspective. If you are listening to a podcast, I’d like to ask questions that you want to hear about.

Depending on the interviewee, I’ll be asking questions (when applicable) like,

  • What did early performance or achievement look like to you?
  • Speak to the relationship/chemistry between the work world and the personal world.
  • Do you think it is something innate regardless of profession/life, or something that can be matched? Or learned?
  • If there was a struggle point, what defined the difference between hard work and over work?
  • Was there a time where you weren’t quite sure why, but you just were not pleased or happy with your work? Your personal life?
  • What did burnout look like? When did you actually notice it? Did you see it clearly as it was happening?
  • What was the turning point? What caused you to do it/take action?
  • What changed as a result?
  • Today, what does performance or achievement look like to you?

But I’m curious—what would you ask these mentors? I look forward to hearing your replies.


Your Friend,



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