Concrete Ready for Leadership

It’s been an AMAZING summer. (Plus bonus time!) This is the fatherhood summer I dreamed of in so many ways. Thanks for the grace in taking the time away. I truly hope yours was as fulfilling.

The kids were out doing and adventuring with neighbors and friends in ways they never have. We took some awesome outdoor adventures, new and elevated, created some historical family get-togethers, and explored things I thought maybe would only be ideas. Now they’re all memories and pieces of us all! It was worth everything that was let go. And I’d do it all over again!

So I come back in here with a would-be back-log of prior ideas– instead I choose to make it forward excitement; only a smattering of new jots that I refused to take the time to dive deep into, and now look forward to unpacking those; and great growing relationships, continuing plans to connect and build. Karl is well into the deepest part of medical school, though we vow to still deliver some formality in our conversations.

Today I bring you something “small,” though I think no person’s idea ever needs to be small. However quick, informal, in passing, or whatever it may be. To somebody at some time it’s big. It’s what they need. And that’s why every single one of us, including you, keeps doing it.