John has been preparing leaders from their early stages for the majority of his professional life. His ability to identify, connect, and guide futures and decisions accelerate development and have lasting impacts throughout leaders’ evolution. Professionals entering the field to career established professionals benefit in their growth, transitions, and inspiring leaps with John’s direction.

With an extensive background in project building and process development across a variety of industries, John’s fresh approach to structure inspires and innovates insights of the professionals and organizations he works with.

John has a continual history of bringing teams and organizations together. As co-founder of a non-profit group for public safety health and performance John was instrumental in the collaboration efforts across organizations, institutions, and industries, to break the mold of expectations in partnerships and standards.

Lead for Analysis & Solutions, John has been with the Cummings Collaborative since its conceptual stages. He has served for 17 years in the fire service as a lieutenant, paramedic, instructor and program coordinator. John performed as university adjunct faculty for upper division sports sciences, including mentoring career-transition internships. He has performed as a biomechanics and physiology lab operator, published scholarly articles, contributed to two textbooks, instructed for national sanctioning sports bodies, and presented for and collaborated with international governing organizations. He also co-developed the 2013 Hero Games, a community event which raised funds for over 200 wheelchairs for impoverished Guatemalans. He is the co-founder and was founding chair of the Florida Firefighter Fitness Collaborative, an organization with national recognition, partnerships and contributions to first responder wellness and safety.

Clearly John digs in to what he believes in. There’s not a whole lot that can’t intrigue him, but most of John’s individual interests circle around the outdoors, food, and athletic performance. A father and husband first, John’s family life doesn’t come in the off time; his work comes after the energy for family is set. A swimmer, a terrible-but-passionate surfer, and a football and fútbol enthusiast, he has refocused his self-competitive attitude to enjoy his passions while achieving for others.