Hunter S. Thompson– Professional Development & Mentoring

So in last week’s audio, point #3 sets up the perfect tone for what had intended to be a part of last November’s casts during the pause period.

A good majority of you (I know I wasn’t 2 years ago), are familiar with author and eclectic wildcat Hunter S. Thompson. I searched for a good audio read of his popular 1958 letter on professional direction and life purpose to his friend Hume Logan. Unfortunately they all stunk. (There are some other letters very well read, especially by Johnny Depp whom he befriended in his later years.)

 “The inimitable Hunter S. Thompson was just 20 years of age and still in the U.S. Air Force when, in April of 1958, he wrote this profoundly wise letter to his friend Hume Logan in response to a request for life advice. It would be another ten years until Thompson’s own career gathered pace, due in no small part to a brave exposé of the Hell’s Angels that he wrote after a year in their company.”

Instead of doing yet another injustice to Mr. Thompson’s letter by reading it myself, here it is for you. Of the countless places, I find this post even keel to take you to.

And next week, you guessed it! We’ll dive in to this a little further in a cool kinda light.


Though I am not necessarily a fan of the introduction on this one for the purpose at hand, I like the mood of the layout and is a pretty cool site for anyone interested in bouncing around in the realm of letters.