Podcast #1! Recreating The Loop, with Karl Riecken


Here it is! Introducing our first full length Build Others podcast! Partnering with my genius colleague Karl Riecken (KarlRiecken.com, @KarlRiecken), we’re dropping in as a pair every few weeks to give you some deeper substance to push you forward.

Yes it’s humble and raw. Just one more step of what changes I promised for you!

The first episode explores how you can recreate the concept of “positive neural feedback loops” to enhance your creation of others in your role. What in the world does that term mean? It’s not as complicated as you think but looking at it from a performance-building approach for others makes a huge difference.

It’s not about eliminating poor feedback loops, it’s about replacing it with something more positive.

A mentor’s job is not to find the solution for people, it’s to help them find their own

Those who are doing things at a higher level are comfortable with themselves to move in the way that they want… they don’t want to control everything.

What people are asking for is a method. They can find the information; that’s not what they’re asking for, they’re asking for a road map. The bumpers 😊 to get them where they need to go.

Ask your mentees: What do you think you can a) take action on, and b) what do you think is going to be the most useful for you?

We go from addressing that loop directly to the loop we’re creating here—strengthening those who not only build others, but create other builders of people to do the same: Expanding the influence of good mentorship.