Podcast #3: Mentoring Millennials (or vice versa?)


I hope all of you in the USA enjoyed celebrating our country last week! The more people around the world I meet, the more I see everyone from around the world appreciates what the United States provides more than most of us. Even despite ourselves. 🙂 

Along with that, you’re either gonna love this week or you’re gonna hate it!

Karl and I also chatted about inside-out/outside-in perspective on mentoring millennials (the word “millennial” referring more to a mentality than a chronology). We definitely collided a bit, but I think you’ll find identity and appreciation for the growth both sides gain. 

The “discussion” was spurred from this April 2018 JAMA article. It might be a medical field story, but it gives lessons valuable to EVERYONE, even those who might not need it. 

Mentors: Were you honestly prepared to mentor another generation that differed from your own? Millennial-minded mentors– you can learn from us for the gens to follow!

Mentees: Can you show engagement with the people you’re with; show you’re appreciating, that you can mold your acknowledgment and boundaries to the people and the topic for the attention any human deserves.

And can each of us do the same for the other?! 


Waljee, JF, Chopra, V, Saint, S. (2018). Mentoring Millennials. Journal of the American Medical Association, 319(15), 1547-1548.