Why don’t they understand? Pointing & Protecting—The Backstory


We’ll hit more specifically on this article excerpt in a couple weeks, and though seemingly unrelated to today’s post, it sets the foundation of what I hope you’ll understand, especially as individual leaders for others’ futures. But the question it sets out to address is why our mentees sometimes just can’t understand why and how we’re directing them– when we’re trying to fulfill exactly what it is they hope for. Read the excerpt, and check out the backstory in this weeks audio post. Might challenge you a little too…


In 2005, Mark Stevens wanted to grow his small marketing firm. He realized many of his clients knew their marketing programs were not working but lacked solutions. So he bought the URL YourMarketingSucks.com, wrote a book and committed major campaign dollars. 

The strategy paid off. He says his two-week, $10,000 radio station campaign netted $175,000 in profit the first month. 

“That has only multiplied exponentially over the last 11 years,” says Stevens. “When I look back now, I realize my epiphany was not to tell people what they should want, but instead to give voice to what they were already thinking – and to help them act.” 

From https://compass.ups.com/advice-from-entrepreneurs/