Reaching Down to Build Up

It’s been a great break and I hope you missed me as much as I missed you. 🙂  I hope during that time you had some great development and reflection yourself.

This week we come back with a bit of a shift as promised. Working with professionals, collegiate students, and young and growing firefighters, guiding people not just in careers but in their bigger professional path has been a natural constant for me. Now I take those principles that have developed over time—built by those who progressively sought guidance from me and those mentors who taught me how—and package them up for you with my leadership experiences as an officer, coach, teacher, and professional.

Teaching you to grow, lead, and evolve others.

This transition intentionally targets “professional development” for the broader purpose of the term; and more specifically, grooming those around you (at all levels) to progress and succeed in the best path.

Work-Life Chemistry is not left behind. We still embody the principles of WLC, putting the practices and behaviors to use as guides in decisions and direction.

Reaching Down to Build Up is not a unique term from me. You may have heard it a million times elsewhere. But it’s a great cornerstone in the coming year of what I have to show you. To grow you—for you and those around you.