Please accept my resignation

Many weeks ago I received my resignation from myself. Fairly unexpectedly. I made myself a counter-offer for modified projects and scheduling. But after careful contemplation, I declined. The timing just didn’t fit.

One, maybe two of you may have noticed the slight hiccup in the last several weeks before the pause with publishing audio on time. Commitments, Aunty Irma, technical changes, time sparing, etc… which to blame? None. It all just came together at the right moment for life to evolve just as it should.

Sure I’m kinda bummed because I have about 8 months’ worth of content waiting to be served up—and more that just keeps bubbling up! As I unfold time a little (because it is always available, it’s how we apply it (July 27, 2016)), I will back date a few of the pending posts I just haven’t set.

This isn’t permanent. I’m leaving on good terms with the intention of being rehired by me in the future. (Unless life has other plans.) In the meantime, there will be a short separation grace period, and then I will likely do a little random guesting and consultation for me.

Ultimately I’d like to come back with some delivery/medium modifications I’ve pondered for the last long while. But I’m not going to try to get that settled while this dangles. It’ll happen when the time is right.

I’ll still do what I do—build people; still believe what I believe; still anxious to share, reach out to help, and build others. The sharing with others how to do the same and how to build other people builders is at the center of my passion. Mainly because I like it, I am driven to it, and I really enjoy the help I provide. A more justifiable reason may be that it feeds the other work I do, and the other work I do feeds it. But reality check—safety!—there just isn’t enough time in my priority to give to all of them, and keep the true top things in life in focus.

I’ve got more to say, and I’ll catch-up shortly with clarification, but just want to get this out before trying to get everything right. Questions are welcome any time! Chat soon.


Your friend,