You Build the Futures of Others

Let’s get you and those around you cranking! Whether you are looking to make a start or make changes, develop yourself or others, each circumstance is carefully considered to unfold the right future for you or your organization. Keeping people and futures in mind first.

It’s not about how your consultant works, it’s about what outcome you are looking for. No plug-and-play here. In other words, if you’re new to this world, you don’t get a checklist, a manual, or a boxed solution you have to adapt to and figure out how to deploy. Quite the opposite– you, direction, environment, demands, and most of all outcomes are used to help you shape and assemble the platform YOU want to stand on. One that’s strong but agile, firm but mobile. And grows everyone future forward.


Leaders & Mentors

Peer consulting for building professionals, mentors, and leaders; for guiding organizations, and developing others to do the same


Creating change, enhancing investment in personnel and those they grow, in and outside of the organization



Building training systems take up so much of an organization’s internal resources. Time. Money. Time. R&D. Time. Contracting. And of course Time! (Did I say that yet?) By building in a culture of people building, you’ll slash arduous oversight by amplifying sight, freeing time and energizing your resources.

Building Others

It’s not about mentoring you; or mentoring leaders and mentors. It’s even only a little about teaching people how to build leaders and mentors.

It’s about teaching how to build people that build people. Incessantly. Over and over again.

Call it holistic. Call it legacy. Call it sociology. Call it whatever you like. But if your business depends on a consistent, adaptable philosophy and methodology, ready to shift with the demands of time—and goodness knows we’ve seen that truth uber-clear the last 2 decades—you know to not just survive, but to thrive!

The Human Factor

The bottom line, money or otherwise, might be what you’re after, but it’s all about the human factor. Delivering anything without it is empty and temporary. What matters– inside, outside, in the beginning and at the end– is the human factor.

The Right Fit- For You

If Build Others doesn’t offer what you’re looking for, chances are we know someone who does. We are happy to connect you with other mentors, consultants, professional coaches, and organizations that may be best for you.