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Thank you for including John Bennett in your upcoming event! Leaders and organizations trust John to provide experiential expertise, and practical, actionable advice on how to empower your people (first!) to embed a culture of development and growth for your organization’s optimal performance. Each keynote listed below may be offered in breakout modifications or further exploration as well. If you have any questions or additional requests, please don’t hesitate to contact John directly. John travels from Orlando, Florida; speaking fees are available upon request.


2018-2019 Plenaries

Quality-Strong® Leadership: A Quality-Strong leader and leadership environment influences how potential and emerging leaders will carry the health of a team forward. Quality-Strong leadership isn’t about power or strength. It’s about strong qualities and quality strength. The “7×1 Actions” are how effective leadership is embraced by teams and professionals, giving life to vision and mission.

Reaching Down to Build Up: It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? To stand at the top of a mountain and wait for others to come isn’t much of a leadership or mentoring moment. To build a future we have to be next to those chasing the future. But what does that look like? And how do we pull it off responsibly? The 3 Reach Down to Build Up elements and the Gatekeeper’s keys come from great mentors, ultimately instilling it in those they build.  

Leaders Building Leaders — Make it Them: Why do we expect upcoming leaders to model us or some superstar? You’ll find that at the very least 7 out of 10 things you consider about leader that you’ve found great are in line with what others and constantly ongoing research and real life reveal. Yet not a single one of those leaders function the same. So many of our leaders wrestle to build others the way they were built and expect them to lead like them. As leader builders, we must give them room to grow to be them. Teaching them to do that is where you come in.

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