Taking them Where the Fish Are: Beyond Immediacy & Forecasting


Okay, so we showed you this article excerpt a couple weeks ago in March.  February 7th’s post (Re-Steering Insensible Directions) was also bent off of this article, but it made a little more sense to flip them around with the other stuff jumping in there.

In 2005, Mark Stevens wanted to grow his small marketing firm. He realized many of his clients knew their marketing programs were not working but lacked solutions. So he bought the URL YourMarketingSucks.com, wrote a book and committed major campaign dollars. 

The strategy paid off. He says his two-week, $10,000 radio station campaign netted $175,000 in profit the first month. 

“That has only multiplied exponentially over the last 11 years,” says Stevens. “When I look back now, I realize my epiphany was not to tell people what they should want, but instead to give voice to what they were already thinking – and to help them act.” 

From https://compass.ups.com/advice-from-entrepreneurs/


Mark Stevens did an excellent job of figuring out how to get past the possible distractions, including simple personal preferences, to find where the fish are. Use this example to guide your mentees and followers to get where they want to go without getting caught in their own way.