Undoing Workflow Makes it Better!


You might think this is boring… but it isn’t! As a matter of fact, taking the opportunity to undo your workflow (kinda like “deconstructed” culinary pieces) is about YOU getting to express YOU and understand YOU and do things a whole lot more of the YOU way than (you guessed it) you expected. Don’t be paralyzed if you’re in an organization where there are lots of handcuffs and oppression– this can be as personable and internal as you want, but the end result is more clarity, flow, and result for you, your cohorts, and– forget those micromanagers!– the clients and customers that are grateful for what they receive. And it will ultimately accelerate into others inspired into the same. Now can you see where it leads?!

(Didn’t I say things were going to be a little different? This is barely the beginning… stay tuned!)