You all rock!

I have truly enjoyed taking some time off and working in BuildOthers less than halftime this summer. I miss working in it, and it’s almost impossible to stop the mind and the note taking. Limiting the production, though, has been freeing and giving back that needed mindspace as opposed to mind-demand.

Nearly every year for the last several years at least, I have, however intentionally, opportunistically, or time-delayed, been working on something specific during the summer —in a course, authoring, assisting business development, or building my own— that has not given me or my family the space needed. Doubling up while venturing, experiencing, and exploring. With a family, your give is heavily (majoritively) influenced by the school schedule.

I think 2013 was the last time I had a completely open palette on the summer. And, realistically, that was recovery.

This summer—a little trip for myself and another for just my wife and kids themselves, nice long visits from siblings and parents, some renovation prep, lots of friend time, (and lots of soccer 😊). And a lot of much needed timing for others’ situations.

I don’t worry about losing my place in line in social media. Nor that you’re missing something (there’s plenty out there). I do at times think I might be getting behind on idea-time capacities (you can only pursue a quality idea or two at a time—I’d like to roll out about 7 right now!), consider that partnering growths might lag, or miss following what so many of you great people are doing. (Even though I traditionally stink at following much. 😀 )

BuildOthers is not gone, under a question mark, or even fading. Quite the opposite! It is very alive, very real, and very growing. (Poor grammar and all.) I do hope your own ventures—real life and professional—are ecstatic. I look forward to sharing new content, speeches, and visions together soon!

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